Quakers Lane Surgery Tel: 01748 850440

Booking a routine appointment with a doctor or nurse at your own GP practice, 8am - 6.00pm on weekdays.

The Practice offers a wide range of appointments which can be booked in advance by up to several weeks if required.

If you need to be seen soon we will offer an appointment within 2 working days with the next available Health Care Professional (HCP); be it Doctor, Nurse or other Pharmacist.

doctor and patient meeting

If your problem is very urgent the receptionist will ensure you are seen on the same day although in both instances we cannot guarantee that you will be seen by your usual practitioner or at a specified time due to demand.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please let reception know as soon as possible.

If a patient is so unwell that they are unable to get to the surgery, then please contact the practice to make us aware, preferably as early as possible and before 10.30 a.m. The clinical situation will be assessed by a GP to ascertain if a home visit is required.This will depend on the nature of the condition, the location and our capacity to respond. If the GP does not believe they are the most appropriate in a given situation, they will liaise with another service, be that a district nurse, community matron, paramedic or hospital provider. As a practice that has a high proportion of elderly patients, we greatly appreciate the support that patients receive from their family and friends in bringing patients to the surgery. This enables us to provide a more efficient service to our patient population.
You do not require a sick note for the first 7 days of illness, and we cannot provide a sick note free of charge for that time. You can sign yourself off during that period using a self certification form obtainable from your employer. If you require a sick note for a more extended period of illness, you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor. Please note that if you require an extension of a sick note or you wish to return to work early and have already seen a Doctor about a given issue, then you can leave a message for the Doctor by contacting the reception staff and this can be sorted out over the telephone without the need for a further appointment.