Quakers Lane Surgery Tel: 01748 850440

To book a routine appointment with a doctor or nurse at your own GP practice, 8.00-18.00 Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) phone 01748 850440.

To mitigate any risk that potentially infected patients attending the practice, when they should be self- isolating, we have decided to withhold on line booking and direct face to face appointments for the time being.  Please contact the surgery direct on 01748 850440 to book a telephone appointment, if a face to face appointment is felt to be absolutely necessary, the clinician can arrange this during this telephone consultation.

doctor and patient meeting

The Practice offers a wide range of appointments which can be booked in advance by up to several weeks if required.

If you need to be seen soon we will offer an appointment within 2 working days with the next available Health Care Professional (HCP), be it doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist.  If your problem is very urgent the receptionist will ensure you are contacted on the same day, although in all instances we cannot guarantee that you will be contacted by your usual practitioner or at a specified time due to demand.

If you should need to cancel your appointment please let reception know as soon as possible. Missed appointments – We understand that there are lots of reasons that appointments get missed, sometimes this is unavoidable. However repeated missing of appointments leads to delays in treating other patients and wasted clinical time. As a result, should you miss repeated appointments without cancelling, then you will receive a written reminder. Continued missing of appointments in this way will lead to you being removed from our patient list.